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Over the past 10 days, millions of people have generously donated money to help those effected by the Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami. It is enough to restore faith in even the most hardened cynic—but sadly, it may fall short. The United Nations states that the death toll is likely to be over 150,000. Just think about that number for a moment. Mull it over. Think of the neighborhood, village or town where you grew up and imagine every last person swept away by menacing walls of water one tragic morning. I graduated from U.C. Berkeley—a school attended by about 30,000 students. That's a mere fifth of the number of lives taken. How do you make sense of such a huge figure, when it represents so many men, women & children? The media coverage of the Tsunami is encouraging, but I know the day will come when interest will wane. The satellite trucks will leave the shores of Southeast Asia as a different, sexier story with "legs" demands air time and wins the 24-hour news cycle. The recovery efforts are expected to continue long after that day comes and goes. Years, some say. So whenever you happen to come upon this page, think about giving, whatever you see fit, however you can. Someone will still be in need.



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